Well I understood the situation in the Middle East ++ - the end of the day

Israeli news sites that attract attention in the coverage of the ... Middle East tried to summarize briefly what has happened together. For now extending the country force of Shiite're in a hurry is Saudi Arabia, because there while Saudi Sunnis are surrounded. The following map is green Sunni nation, red Shiite nation or Russia, Iran and the relationship of good country. 00 since the years after the Iraq war, Iraq has been dominated by Shiite regime. Syria has signed the Iran and the hand, we have the people of the majority of the (perhaps people of Sunni) to refugees in the civil war. Syria is probably because no faction of the majority and the Syrian regime of people are using Toka barrel bomb Toka chemical weapons in cold blood against their own people do not match. Turkey is likely to no sect of statistics, but you leave for the sake of convenience red because Iran and the relationship has improved. Since the Houthis faction of Yemen is a sect of Shia, or air strikes impatient Saudi Arabia, it's or become conciliatory to Israel. If Yemen becomes Shiites, Saudi Arabia will be fit to pincer attack.